Monday, October 10, 2005

The DS is Not Innovative

Nintendo always claims they are innovative just like Apple claims it didn’t rip off the GUI from Xerox. Well, the DS is just a rip off of an old Sega product called the Pico. Maybe you don’t remember the Pico. Well, I do. Vaguely... Very vaguely. It was a console for very young children (I believe all the games were rated EC for “Early Childhood”) that featured edutainment games. It hooked up to your TV and had a story book component too. It pioneered the use of a touchpad for gaming and was the source inspiration for the Nintendo DS. Consider this: Nintendo DS’s top selling game in Japan is “Brain Training for Adults”. Pico featured brain training games for kids! Sounds like a rip off to me! Also, the Pico has one main advantage on the DS. The DS just has a stylus. The Pico features a “magic pen”!!! A MAGIC PEN!! That’s way cooler than the stylus that Nintendo offers. Plus, it has MAGICAL POWERS! Nintendo, why won’t you start innovating on your own? And why don't you create your consoles with magical powers?!?!?


Anonymous BeEasy2Day said...

*sigh* Here we go again. Why is it that everything about Nintendo is bashed by you. Yet you claim you are not a Nintendo basher. I mean, why not talk about Sony and Microsoft for a minute? I know you may find it hard to believe, but there are many things that they do wrong! Oh yes! Like them both losing money on every system sold, while Nintendo profits from every system they sell? You dont ever put stuff out like that!

Then you always want to claim Nintendo copys off of everybody else! Technically, since Nintendo is the ones who started all this, wouldn't everybody be copying off of them?? But to get more recent, what about the most recent wannabe of Gameboy SP! I was watching the commercial for the newest VideoNow player! Why is it that this new player looks just like a SP, and oh wait, listen to the name! "VideoNow XP" oh real innovative! But do you get on here and bash them for copying?? No, why is that?? Please do not answer with any insults! I am talking to you respectfully! I just want a nice answer as to why you always bash Nintendo! I mean, there are other game companies out there, and they do just as worse, and sometimes even worser! Yet you have not lifted one finger against them?? Why is that? I mean as someone in your profession, aren't you supposed to be unbiased! Fair on each company, not just bash one?? But hey what do I know, I'm not in this industry! So could you please answer this for me?

12:14 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Just to show you I'm a good sport, I just posted an article very critical of Microsoft's Xbox 360's strategy of releasing TWO different consoles. The BIG G says whatever he pleases. The BIG G has a lot to say about Nintendo presently because they claim to be innovative, which I disagree with. I'm not familiar with the VideoNow XP. It doesn't look like a gaming console, but if we are comparing non-gaming consoles in the mix, then the DS is a rip off of Microsoft's Pocket PC, the Palm Pilot or the Apple Newton. Good catch! I forgot about them.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Roki said...

Actually, you posted an article on how Microsoft offered two choices of console packages, then ranted at the people who wouldn't be able to pick which of the two they wanted.

If anything, that's advertising for Microsoft's greatness.

You really are a hopeless fanboy, aren't you?

6:39 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

I believe I was critical of the Core package saying that it would be silly to purchase. That's hardly advertising Microsoft's greatness... But I guess reading comprehension isn't the strongest of your skills.... Well, let's hope not anyway.

-The BIG G

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Roki said...

>_o ouch, when did this turn into a namecalling contest?

You said that one of two purchase options for a 360 might not be the smartest move, and in like 8 other posts you slammed Nintendo with "wtf" reasoning. You haven't even mentioned Sony except as a reference every now and then. How is this fair??!

9:58 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Life isn't fair, so why should I be?

-The BIG G

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Roki said...

Because the sock puppets from the sea that rise up when I breathe that funny white powder demand it!

PS - If I get sued by Tompson for mentioning crack on a blog to do with gaming, could you be my whitness?

7:44 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

I'll be your whitness as soon as I figure out what a "whitness" is. Maybe someone who witnesses your whiteness?

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Parry Aldon said...

Hey Roki, do you mind using another name? Roki is the second name I go by, and I've had it for years... it's kinda creepy seeing someone else with it ^_^;;

Oh yeah, I think what he means by "being his whiteness" is he's going to rub you on his skin to make him look paler, kinda like a reverse tan.

If you need a witness though, I'll be happy to stand in! XD

8:55 PM  
Anonymous Bando (Formerly Roki) said...

Sure, no prob! so long as you agree to be my whiteness since my tan is getting a bit dark right now ~_-

9:29 PM  

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