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So, since everyone loved my accurate comparison of the Revolution controller to the Evolution controller, I will now do a comparison of quite possibly the most coveted and revolutionary feature of the Revolution: the backwards compatibility. As I said before, everyone really wants a Revolution for one feature: the backwards compatibility. The Revolution’s main competitor for backwards compatibility is the Yobo Gameware FC Game Console. So, let’s take a look, shall we? Game Support
Nintendo will have to re-release all the games it wants to be emulated. It can of course, re-release it’s entire back catalog, but Nintendo will have to push third parties to support their service as opposed to re-releasing in “Super Mega Awesome Collections”. Probably some classic games like “Bible Adventures” will never get released. Nintendo hasn’t mentioned cost, but you’re smoking too much wacky tabacky if you think Nintendo is going to give them away for free. If they did, that’d eat into their precious re-release series on the GameBoy, which they can’t have. The FC (Probably short for Family Computer, the name of the NES in Japan) Game Console will play any cartridge. ANY CARTIDGE! So, it will play any NES game you already have, or plan on getting. If you’re a true gamer, you have your old NES games buried in a closet somewhere, it’s just your original Nintendo stopped reading cartridges. Problem solved with the FC! It plays them all flawlessly. You’ve probably already bought all the games you want to play at least twice (NES, GBA) anyway, why buy them a third time? FC Game Console wins here.

Video Quality
Nintendo has already said they won’t support true HD resolutions (just 480p). The FC supports a composite video connection. Although in order to support 480p, they need to support component connections, so Revolution has a bit of an advantage here. All in all, I don’t think NES games video quality is limited by the connection, so it’s a draw.

Audio Quality
Whether the Revolution will support better audio connections than RCA cables has not been announced. It’d be nice if they supported Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS, but considering they aren’t supporting HD really, it might not be that likely. Even still they’ll have to at least support Dolby Pro-Logic II to be backwards compatible with GameCube. How does this compare to the FC? It’s mono. Considering all the NES games are in mono, I don’t think this is a real disadvantage. Potentially, you can have noise on an analog cable, but I doubt anyone will notice when playing NES games. Draw!
The Revolution will support a Power PC chip with an ATI GPU giving it the performance it needs to emulate the performance of the original NES. Nintendo has said that performance is not a goal of the system design though. The FC has “high performance” according to the cover of the box. The FC edges out the Revolution because it is “high performance” compared to the lukewarm performance Nintendo has promised for the Revolution.

The Revolution has a fancy controller with gyroscopic and positional sensors. The FC has “Easy button operation” according to the box. I’ll have to agree with that statement. Although you can tilt a Revolution controller to the side and use it like a really large and crazy original NES controller, your fine friends at Yobo have improved on Nintendo’s original design by offering a slow motion button and rapid fire B and A. On top of that, you can use all your old Nintendo hardware, Zappers, The Advantage, Power Glove, Robotic Operating Buddy, and so on. If you really want the wireless that the Revolution offers, you can use some Freedom Connection to make any controller wireless. Unfortunately, I don’t think the official NES Wireless Solution, The Satellite, will work since the plug layout of the controller ports is different on the FC. If you don’t want to maintain pesky line of sight, then you can get a brand new radio controller, with the same technology that the WaveBird, Revolution, and Xbox 360 controllers have. The FC wins again!
The Revolution will be cheaper than other next gen systems, but will it be cheaper than $20? I think not. Victory for the FC.

I got mine at E3 last year, in Kentia Hall, the red-headed stepchild of the LA Convention Center. Nintendo of course was there (in one of the two real halls), and I imagine the “FC Game Console” isn’t approved by Nintendo, so the salesman is lucky that no one ever goes to Kentia Hall... Bad for business, but good for staying out of jail. Anyway, if you want an FC, you can find one pretty easily on Ebay or by searching on google. The Revolution isn’t currently available, so I think the FC wins again.

The FC won or tied in every category, so rather than investing a ton of money in an Nintendo Revolution, why not buy an FC and second hand games from flea markets? Yobo Gameware FC Game Console is better than the Revolution!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are the dumbest man alive.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous steve said...

nobody is going to buy a revolution solely for the purpose of playing old NES games, and thats all this comparison is good for. if thats all you want to do, then by all means, get a yobo.

9:22 AM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Anonymous: I think you give The BIG G too much credit. What about those Darwin award recipients? I think they have me beat! Thanks for considering me for the position.
Steve: The BIG G has talked to people who've explicitly said that they are buying Revolution to play NES/SNES games. I'm just showing them other options.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Martlur said...

The Virtual COnsole is one of Revolution selling points, but whomever purchases the REVOLUTION only for that must be like you BIG G... complete idiots. Ha, to be honest, people will be looking for the Revolution for the following:

-UNIQUE gaming experience
-Quality content games (of course, sometimes I with Nintendo just put Mario to rest...)
-GameCube compatability, meaning pople like me who have a GameCube will be able to sell it, and make some money to later purchase Revo.
-VC console, which many already have one... PC emulation can be your friend.

So, stop twisting what people told you which might've sound like "It sounds great to be able to play old games on the Revolution" to "I'd only purchase an Re3vollution cause of the old games". That's just dumb.

4:55 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

martlur: Let’s go through your points:
-UNIQUE gaming experience – already done that with the Evolution and the Super Scope 6
- Quality content games – I hope so, but I was disappointed with the first party GameCube games, so I’m not confident they’ll pull through.
- VC console – Still not that great of a selling point because as you said anyone with a small amount of tech savvy and questionable copyright morals can already do that.

For your conclusion, it's nice to know someone who is psychic and can read the minds of the people I talked to. Unfortunately, you are incorrect in this regard. My close friend who is another game industry veteran (he'd prefer anonymity) said "I'm going to buy a revolution, but only for the backwards compatibility." So your psychic prediction that I was twisting his words proved to be incorrect.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:10 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Anonymous #2: I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your posts. It was definitely a worthwhile contribution to this little blog community I have here. Thank you for enlighting us! You are a role model to us all.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Martlur said...

LOL! Evolution is a piece of crap, so let's discard that as an issue worthy of an argument. Also, the Super Scope, even when it contributed to nice gaming experience, is a billion years old and ran short of titles. How can you even compare something as the Revolution's controller that will be a center of attention, or better said, the axis of rotation for a COMPLETELY NEW VIDEO GAME CONSOLE to rotate upon.

By the way, whatever the SS6 offered wasn't entirely unique, just an upgrade to what the lightgun experience offered. Oh, and Nintendo always pioneers the transition of videogame into new terrains, where everyone else simply follow suit. So whatever Nintendo offers, probalities are high that it will be something unique (not always successful, i.e. Power Glove, and to a great extent the Virtual Boy).

The only point I'll concede, yet not entirely, is the disappointment of Nintendo abusing it's brands releasing tons of weird games with the sole purpose of only cashing on the brand. And the disappointment of Nintendo, once again, releasing it's quality games completely spreaded throughout the whole lifespan of the GC in miniscule numbers (I can count the 1st party games that I believe where great with my two hands, and clearly pin point them in a time-line... the latest Zelda game will probably be the last of such games and coincidentally will herald the begining of the GC's last days.

Oh, by the way there is a high risk factor of illegal emulation involving the obtention of malicious elements you wouldn't quite want to host in your PC. So, why not get emulation, safely, right from the source? Specially if such old games may have chances of being revamped for their re-release? VC consile is a strong selling point, but by all means not the only one. Another would be, how cheap will be the Revolution as compared to the other systems... Talk about turn offs.

And my psychic powers tell me that your "insider" friend of yours is none other than another figment of your imagination. It's your imaginary buddy Fred, who such as yourself shares a highly questionable mind.

11:31 AM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Martlur: You don't have to believe me about me being in the industry. You'd be wrong to not believe me, but considering you're wrong about so many other things, it'd fit right in with your views.

Emulation will not get malicious elements on your computer. But, I don't condone illigal emulation. I have working old systems that I play old games on.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous mistrbily said...

nuff said

2:21 PM  
Anonymous The Bigger G said...

According to you, an NES game beats the Revolution, because when you get down to it, that's all that dinky thing playes. A NINTENDO product wins over it's successor of 4 generations.

And "Availability" categories on something that doesn't exist yet?

I call bias, you are just dumb and stupid.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous The bigger G said...

Oh yeah, that article is bullshit. I checked like every major newspaper in LA. The LA sun, the tribune, the times, even fucking google came up blank. You made up that fucking article yourself, which reflects pretty poorly on you as a reliable source of... well, anything, to be frank.

10:49 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

The bigger G:
I honestly have no idea what article you are talking about. I'm not sure what's wrong with you, but if it's a serious mental condition than I apologize for making fun of you. Otherwise, please don't post to my blog while drunk.

Thanks, and I apologize for your disability!

-The BIG G

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Parry Aldon said...

I notice you completely ignored the past post in favor of namecalling.

Do you have anything do defend against that? Or do you just fall back on immaturity once backed into the corner of your own limited intillect, so I'll say it once again.

You say a system that plays NES game beats the one that plays NES, SNES, N64, and GCN games.

You also wrote in an availability and price category to compare it to something that has yet to be released yet.

Not only that, "High Performance" of 15 years ago wins over "lukewarm" of today. 15 years ago I needed to keep a gigantic square boot disk just to turn on my 8 MB computer, and "high performance" was if you didn't need the disk.

You also claim Monotone wins over stereo surround sound, and that the video quality of an NES game is equal to that of a GCN game.

What's wrong with you, really?

Stop the name calling, answer the fucking question you pansy.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Parry Aldon said...

PS -

Simply put, the Revolution will have ALL the old games available, in addition to a few exclusive remakes that are only available for download on Revolution.

One they're working on at this very moment is the origonal Mario bros. with a graphical makeover to make it look like a GCN game, but with the exact same gameplay.

They're also considering Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask for similar graphic makeovers/release over Revolution, though they are still undetermined on that.

Oh yeah, Nintendo will also have Sega games available for download.

NES (all)

NES (all)
SNES (all)
N64 (all)
GCN (all)
SEGA (all)
Exclusive Remakes

And you still stubbornly claim the FC wins...

Nobody will buy a Revolution solely for the old games; it's too expensive for that. Sooner or later, they would download some SNES, N64, and GCN stuff, or they would just buy some Rev games.

It would be far simpler just to buy an NES (they go for 10 dollars at gamestop) and play the games using that, as opposed to getting a third party console for twice the price to play the same thing.

There's no shame in admitting fault. If you do it now people probably won't think less of you.

12:59 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

You might want to work on your reading comprehension skills. That article is very indefinite. It said "looking into" or "doing experiments" none of which mean that they definitely will do it. Also NOWHERE does it say ALL games will be available. Nintendo doesn't have the rights to release all the old games. For example, The original "Contra" was published by Konami, so Nintendo couldn't re-release that. I can already play it on my Yobo FC.

The advantage of the Yobo FC is that it is top loading, so therefore, you get a better connection. The original NES gets worn out the more you use it, and the connector goes bad. The FC doesn't have that problem. If you want an official NES top loader, they go for like $100 on Ebay since there aren't very many of them.

A few other things:
15 years ago you were 3. I doubt you were using a computer back then.
The FC is quite contemporary. It is available right now!
It is essentially 22 year old hardware since the Famicom came out in 1984.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Parry Aldon said...

Well you've proved before that what you assume isn't always true.

Point in case, I never claimed to be a l33t H4x0r when I was three. At best, I claimed to know how to turn on a computer at the age of 3.

Also, you're ignoring the logic again. The point of that comment was to demonstrate how inferior technology was 15 years ago to today.

This FC thing is roughly a decade old. Back then, "BLAZING FAST!" was a 56k modem. Compare "BLAZING FAST!" 56k to a "lukewarm" DSL connection, and does it suddenly win because of how it was origonally worded?

And the games library... you know what, I've given up on beating that into you. Okay, let's assume that you're right, and Nintendo is only releasing their own published games and none of the others. That cuts their list down by roughly 1/16

But, Sega has contributed their ENTIRE library of games to Nintendo so that they can make some kind of a profit. But, let's assume that Sega lied, and that's not true either.

So, what are we left with?


Revolution plays:
Unknown number of download exclusives.

Well, who wins now? Actually, that's more of a question of what games you like better. Remember, most stores don't even carry copies of Mario Bros. anymore since it's too damn old. I went to gamecrazy to trade my copy in and they wouldn't take it.

So, if you want a few TPP games for the NES, get a fucking NES, they're not that expensive. Anyone who tries to sell you one for 100 is trying to rip you off.

Case in point

This item is a bundle set of a top loader NES with 8 games being sold on eBay. Bidding starts a 6.99, or you could hit the "buy it now" button and get it for 8.95

FC is 20. You pick.

11:07 PM  
Anonymous Parry Aldon said...

whoops, wording error. It's waaaay too late over here right now. I meant to say "cuts their list down to 1/16"

11:09 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Parry: You do realize that thing on ebay has a minimum of 15.95 shipping, so that would make it more than $20?

There are a ton of great games on NES that aren't Nintendo's. I can play them just fine on my FC. It's High Performance is awesome.

-The BIG G

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Parry Aldon said...

Granted, but you still have to realize something.

Nintendo: "We don't own that game, but we published it before"

TPP: "so...?"

Nintendo: "Wanna make money?"

TPP: "duh"

Nintendo: "Give us one copy of the game, we stick it up for download, for every download that is made, you get money"

TPP: "Do we have to do any work?"

Nintendo: "No, just sign this paper that says we can stick your game up for download"

No TPP is going to say no to this. They do nothing, and they get money. They don't even have to worry about cost of producing games because there won't be any.

That said, it's safe to assume Nintendo's entire library will be up for download, with the exception of any games by a producer that sunk and gave its game rights to someone that doesn't like Nintendo...

Those exclusives are pretty neat too.

12:12 PM  
Blogger negative said...

Well, big g, i appreciate your effort to inform people about these game systems. I have been looking around for an old nes for my son to play games i used to, and i never knew these "new" yobo ones existed. thanks-

4:00 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Negative: No problem! I'm just happy to help out. A few things about Yobo. Firstly, don't pay more than $20 for them. A lot of people totally rip you off and charge like $40. Secondly, I've tried a ton of stuff on them and the only incompatibilities I've had is the NES Advantage and the game Infiltrator. NES games are going to be like $5 or $10 on Wii, so you're better off paying $1 or $2 for the original cartridge.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Drew said...

Crap, why am I responding to such an old article? Stumbled upon this on Google FYI...

Parry: Of course TPPs want to make a profit, but it can't be free for them to offer their games to download. Some of them can question whether or not they will actually turn out a profit.

On top of that, some companies have died. Whether that makes their content free for Nintendo to use, who knows? Maybe those companies destroyed all remnants of their property.

On top of this, there is Xbox Live Arcade. Companies have already pledged support for Microsoft, who is obviously a huge source of income for TPPs. Again, it is unknown whether or not they are exclusive to Microsoft now.

g: Anyone can tell that you twisted things to make it seem as if Yobo was obviously the better choice. Even if Yobo offers high-quality compared to normal NES, it's still old hardware.

Wii is going to have hardware that is hundreds of times as powerful as that. For example, the processor on even SNES went under 4 megahertz. Wii's processor is nearing a gigahert. It doesn't matter how much it's optimized for backwards gaming - it's still going to play NES games at a higher level than Yobo.

Also, you said that Yobo has 100% compatibility, which is definitely false. Nothing other than the original NES and NES Toploader had 100%. Look around on the internet, and you'll find complaints.

Classic games for Wii are going to cost between $4.50 or $8.50, so if you're deciding whether to get a $60 copy of a rare NES game or even a $10 download on a system that won't give any loading problems, it's still a tough choice.

I love my NES hardware. I literally just got it working again yesterday, but still I may be downloading some of the same games on my Wii. Nothing beats or even matches the original though, not even Yobo.

There are other reasons for people to buy Wii (new name for Revolution) though. When someone mentioned "Innovative Gameplay", you said that it had already been DONE on SNES. There's so many flaws in that argument. First of all, nobody's going to not buy a Wii game because they can simply download a Super Scope game. Next of all, it HAS been DONE. That's the point, it's done and over. This console is new, and has stuff that has never been done, compared to the stuff that has gone and passed.

11:29 PM  

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