Friday, September 16, 2005

Revolution vs. Evolution

As The BIG G suspected, Nintendo was hardly revolutionary. The BIG G already has that controller, except it was made by Gamester and for the Playstation 1. They even ripped off the name: the PS1 controller is the Evolution, theirs is for the Revolution. Let’s compare, shall we?

Revolution: A glorified TV remote
Evolution: A futuristic power glove
Winner: If I’m gaming, I want to look like I’m doing something other than navigating a DVD menu. If my neighbors look in on me and I’m playing Revolution, it’ll look like I don’t know how to work my DVD player. If they see me with the Evolution, they’ll be like, “Man, that guy’s a sweet gamer!” Hells yeah I am. Evolution wins!

Two main game buttons plus a D-pad
Evolution: Seven main game buttons plus a D-pad. Plus it has an LCD display and some buttons that correspond to it, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are supposed to do since it didn't come with an instruction manual.
Winner: This was a close call because the Evolution is missing R1 for no apparent reason, so it’s certainly not very good at controlling PS1/PS2 games. Also, if I wanted to use analog mode, the controller pressed triangle when I moved it up and some other button when I moved it down, so it’s not very good at all, BUT a two button controller is like a one button mouse! I refuse to use a mouse with less than 5 buttons (including a scroll wheel) so how on earth can I deal with a two button controller?!?! Evolution wins again.

3D tracking (like a 3D mouse) with tilt
Evolution: Just tilt
Winner: considering that the tilt just plain sucks, I can only imagine that the new 3D tracking makes it even worse, so I’ll stick with my Evolution here.
Game Support
Revolution: Probably not much because it’s going to be darn hard to port to the system, and even harder to use the controller well.
Evolution: All of PS1 and PS2 games.
Winner: Although there’s limited degrees of functionality for the Evolution in most games, I’ll go with the Evolution here again just because of the sheer volume of titles.

Evolution wins
!!!! Sorry Nintendo, you failed to out do Gamester’s crappy barely functional PS1 controller.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, lol what a shit article! I don't know who's more sad, you for putting time and effort into that or me for commenting on it.

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. It's true. This article is pretty much "73|-| s|_|xX0rZ", or some variation thereupon. I mean seriously: "I can only imagine that the 3D tracking makes it worse". You automatically assume that the tracking for the Rev. controller will suck as bad as the gyroscope-based evolution, and you don't give a full range of motion (vertical, horizontal, depth-wise (towards and away from the tv), roll, AND forward and backwards tilt AND rotation) a chance. Meanwhile, Evolution has what? I'll tell you: bad responsiveness joystick controls (side-to-side roll effective to 45 degrees to either side, and forward and backward with the same limitations). Revolution uses a completely different read method (Light based, though I'm not sure) and is fully responsive, 360 degrees. That category alone shows that the real "horrible" controller is the evolution. And I've played with one -- it sucked.

Another thing... Buttons wise, you need to research. The screen on the evolution was worthless, as were the soft-buttons next to it. The Evolution has a fair amount of buttons on the base (remote-looking unit that is the main part), AND the controller is modular, so you can hook up another unit (like the analog stick shown) which has two triggers on the back. The controller can be ANYTHING, which is the true beauty.

As for your article, I'm hoping you're joking in this. I'm not saying that the Revolution controller's going to rock the next gen, but it's certainly better than the evo. Any article (ign, gamespot, joystiq) will say that it's highly responsive, and has limitless potential. Who knows? Two controllers mean the possibility of two tank joysticks, like in many mech games. It could flunk. But the potential's there.

And finally, about the looks -- it looks nicer from other angles. The top looks like an NES controller turned on it's side, but the sides look ergonomically pleasing. And actually feel has been confirmed by reliable articles from previously stated sources. And unless I'm crazy, the Evolution was heavy and too bulky to use.

So, in conclusion, this article is BS. Seriously, how about we wait until it comes out. If you try it, and can honestly say that the piece-of-junk evolution is as good as the revolution, I will denote you clinically insane. The article wasn't a true, scientific comparison in any way. So get a life, if you don't want to get a revolution, I really don't care. But don't just bash it so you can.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Jubal_Harshaw said...

I don't mean to sound harsh, but this article makes you sound like an enormous tool.
Post your conjecture, by all means, but don't try and compare something you've used with something you havent used and can only, currently, imagine.

Yes, the new Revolution controller is a bit odd - it certainly has me worried, but your argument is the epitome of the 'straw man.'

Of course, I may be wrong and I just haven't gotten the joke. This entry may be an extremely sophisticated satire on the tactics used by the vehemently anti-(insert company here) crowd. I suspect, however, that this is just a troll-by-blog.

2:37 AM  
Anonymous Jubal_Harshaw said...

No, I take it all back.
This site is clearly a joke.
The "Big G's" over-the-top self promotion and flippant, poorly-thought-out remarks are evidently satire of the highest order. Bravo, sir!

2:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well atleast you didn't come off sounding totally biased against something you've never used.

Oh wait.

2:45 AM  
Anonymous Jubal_Harshaw said...

BIG G, I think I've come round to your way of thinking.

Anyway, clearly this controller is for children - the controller is designed to be used like a magic wand.

(No, not the 'magic wand' for ladies - unless it vibrates.)

I have a feeling that this is part of Nintendo's cunning plan to turn all of our children (or the 85,000 or so that will want a Revolution) into performing magicians.

Imagine it! In 8-12 years, our society grinds to a halt as children's entertainers flood the job market, ill-prepared for mundane real-world jobs. Faced with this crisis, politicians force the magicians into sensible professions.

Unfortunately the magicians only know how to do one thing. Magic. And thus, our inevitable decline into the new dark age begins when one of the hapless entertainers turns a nuclear reactor into an extremely dangerous bouquet of flowers.

From then on, it just gets worse. Bridges are made to vanish, people are put into boxes and made to 'disappear' and rabbits are pulled out of hats. The world is united (and crushed) under the heel of the magical revolution.

They must be stopped.

3:17 AM  
Anonymous SUCK MY DICK said...

Big G, you can suck my dick for all I care. Your article was a waste of my time, and I'm pissed that I'm even responding to your piece of shit. Now go ram Xbox 1 up your ass.

8:42 AM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Anonymous #1: You're definitely more sad. The BIG G is quite happy, thanks for asking!
Anonymous #2: You were all over the place. When it came around to conclusion time, I was on the edge of my seat, but you end up with "But don't just bash it so you can." What on Earth does that mean? Anyway, this is The BIG G's blog, not Anonymous's. If you don't like the wisdom that The BIG G imparts to you readers, then you are foolish and don't know anything about video games. Start you own blog and no one will read it since you aren't an industry insider like The BIG G.
Anonymous #3: I have no biases. This was an objective evalation based on the other press reports.
Jubal_Harshaw: I like the way you think. Maybe EA will make a Harry Potter game for Revolution, and the number of people into witchcraft will rise, since it's been scientifically proven that video games make people do things.
SUCK MY DICK: The BIG G isn't into dudes, so I'll have decline your homosexual advances...

3:16 PM  
Anonymous expane said...

happens all the time, companies release controllers that look like new technology, but are not really supported by the base hardware.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u suck nintendo id going to kill the crapstation 3 and x xbox 360 say whatever u want but u no eventually u will by a nintindo revolution

12:18 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

expane: Technically, the base hardware doesn't have to support it. The games need to support it.
Look at "Steel Battalion" for example. Microsoft didn't design the Xbox with that giant controller in mind, but the game was able to support it really well because it was written with that controller in mind.
Anonymous #4: Thank you for your well thought out and eloquent response. A few tips to improve your writing skills. Capitalize the first letter of every sentence and the first letter in proper nouns (such as company names). “You” is spelled "y-o-u" not "u". “is” is spelled “i-s” not “id”. Homonyms are tricky to spell, but you meant to use “know” and “buy” instead of “no” and “by”. Periods should appear at the end of sentences. If the second clause after a conjunction is a complete sentence, than that conjunction is called a coordinating conjunction, and you need a comma before it. (See? I used it in the proceeding sentence) Imagine, had you followed these simple rules, you could have written the following and sounded like you passed the second grade: “You suck. Nintendo is going to kill the Crapstation 3 and the Xbox 360. Say whatever you want, but you know eventually you will buy a Nintindo Revolution”. But honestly, you’re right. Eventually, I will buy a “Nintindo revolution”, once a company called Nintindo comes into existence, and creates a revolution.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

G, you are a fuckin hack, just give up now, and go play with yourself and your big gay incredibly cheap Evo, the only reason the "Rev" controller if too hard for you to play is because you are autistic, so sit down shut the fuck up, and get your head out of your ass

11:03 AM  
Anonymous BeEasy2Day said...

I must say, this is my first time reading one of your blogs and I am very....what word can I use....distraught, dumbfounded, dissappointed??? First off, how on God's green Earth can you judge a controller that YOU have never even used a day in your life, yet people that HAVE used it have said nothing but wondrous things about it??? Really doesn't make sense does it??

Next, you say you arent biased, but yet you concede to the fact that the Evolution has flaws out the ass with a R1 button missing, not being able to control PS1/PS2 games very good, and you always would press unwanted buttons when using analog mode! Yet only because of the Revolution controller having two buttons(which you where wrong, because there are also two other buttons on the analog!)you feel the Evolution won that argument!! So you rather have a complicated controller that doesn't handle good at all next to a simplistic controller, that handles wonderfully!? There no logic to that! It makes no sense at all once again!!

Then you say the Evolution is cooler looking?? Come on!!! You're supposed to be "One of the industry's hottest, youngest rising talents!" What industry is this?? The bullshit industry!!?? Its a big ass glove with a spaceship on it, and a price scanner in the other hand!? Oh thats so cool, I'm going to fly off and scan food items!! HA!! I laugh. First of all, anyone looking in your house without permission, is a stalker!(But yet, who would want to stalk you??) You sitting there with a controller in your lap could look like you're doing something else that wouldn't be too pleasing, jerking around, and bouncing up and down!! So once again, you make no sense at all!! You must be a real senseless guy!!!

And yet you said that the controller wouldnt be able to port to all games!! Hello, have you looked at the controller sideways?? It looks just like a NES controller, and according to someone who has actually handled it, it handles like one too!! You can hook up a gamecube controller!! And they was playing old games with the Revolution controller!! Yet it can't port with other games?? And you say the controller is hard to use?? Remember, "it only has two buttons" What are you, a moron?? If you cant handle two buttons, you need to get something a little less complex, like a one button controller, and a one moving game! So all you have to do is jump, and get a coin, and huh!!!! You win!!!! Then you say sheer volume of titles?? Excuse me, but when did you come into the video game industry?? Nintendo's games from beginning to now is way more then PS1/PS2! Please do your math, it may be hard, but you can try!!

Please, I agree with a earlier blog!! Just because you dont want a Revolution doesn't mean you have to bash it(and poorly I made add)!! I mean saying, "They ripped off the name, Evolution, Revolution??" What the fuck is that?? First Revolution is the name of the system, not the controller!! And next, these two words are use to describe something new, something very distinguished from the old!! So how are they ripping off the name if they're describing their system?? Please tell me!!!! From this little comparison, you have humiliated yourself!! You CLEARLY can not be the next hottest thing!! Not in this lifetime or the next!! I mean real hot people have at least thousands of people visiting their blogs daily, how many have you had in a day, 24?? Oh my bad, as of this time now, its 26!! Way to go next hottest thing!! Please, gie me a break!! I've never even heard your name until today!! In the words of the great comedian Dave Chappelle! Go do something you're good at! "Go sell some purses bitch!!!" Now, good day and good night!!

1:48 PM  
Anonymous BeEasy2Day said...

Oh, also a few corrections, I messed up on writing "and poorly I MAY add" Let me correct that!! But also, if the controller is so hard to port, why is it that a load of third pary publishers are so excited on making games to use this controller?? Please answer that also??

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Martlur said...

To the one above me, third party houses may all say that they are all happy with the Revolution and blah blah... but in reality it's one of those wait and see scenario. Because if you are familiar with Nintendo and GameCube, you'd notice that 3rds didn't offer very much support. We can only hope that with Revolution's new experience 3rds will provide games that will allow us to completely experience Revolutions uniqueness. Meaning that even when games may not port, hopefully Nintendo's next console will count with some very refreshing and new content... by 3rds who like to be creative and productive other than simply masss producers.

To BIG G, dude, you are a crackhead and I'm an idiot for even reading your stupid blog. What kind of insider are you? You are nothing more than a punk with a stupid Power Glove looking glove that offers no gaming experience whatsover. You should burn in hell for the simple reason of comparing something that is highly advance as Nintendo's system to that piece of trash you posted pictures of. Shame on you, bucko. HAHAHAHA, top gamer my ass.G fondle yourself while playing Leisure Suit Larry cause that's probably as close to reality you'll ever get... Cause dude, you are completely way off in your fantasy bubble. Typical of a Nintendo basher.

4:12 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Anonymous #5: I’m not autistic. Learning disabled? Maybe, but not autistic. Even if I were, there’s nothing wrong with being autistic. People suffering from autism can be productive members of our society. Also, my head is not in my ass. I tried to shove it up there based on your recommendation, but unfortunately, I’m not that flexible. Sorry to disappoint you!

BeEasy2Day: A ton of people are judging the Revolution without using it. Why can’t I? I imagine you and your Nintendo fanboy friends are crapping your pants out of excitement about the Revolution based on what some game journalist says! Game journalists always are super excited for a product before it comes out, giving it the benefit of the doubt, but don’t realize what developers are going to do with it. As a game developer (That’s right, I AM in the game industry, since you seem to be a bit slow), I’ll tell you what game developers are going to do with it: very few 3rd parties are going to use it very well.

I don’t know where you live, but here in Los Angeles, we have houses/apartments packed close together, so it’s easy for neighbors to see in even if they aren’t trying to look in. I guess in rural Iowa, where you are obviously from, they don’t pack the houses so tight.

Sure it may look like an NES controller. Compare that to the competitors: two joysticks (with click buttons), one d-pad, 6 face buttons and four shoulders… Hmm… Somehow it seems hard mapping all those controls into just a d-pad and two buttons.

I say the controller is hard to use because everyone claims it’s just like a 3D mouse. It might be hard to find a 3D mouse in Iowa, but I’ve used one here in the “big city”, and they are VERY difficult to use. Even if you are using a GameCube controller, or something similar, it’s still hard to port because even Nintendo is admitting that the graphical capabilities are significantly weaker, and the GameCube controller still doesn’t have enough buttons: two sticks (no click buttons), one d-pad, 5 face buttons and three shoulders. Also, you can’t count on every user having a GameCube controller, so if you release a game for a regular controller and not the Revolutionary fairy wand, you’re targeting only a percentage of the Revolution owners, which is already a small number.

I’ll just pretend your lack of comprehension of my article and poor grammar is because English isn’t your first language, so I’ll explain it to you again. This article is comparing the gyroscopic capabilities of the Revolution to the gyroscopic capabilities of the Evolution. The back catalog won’t use these. They might use the Fairy Wand’s positioning info for Power Glove/Zapper/Super Scope 6 games but not the gyroscopic information. Also, I happen to know a lot more about math than you. Off hand, do you happen to know what the integral of e^(-x^2) dx from negative infinity to positive infinity is? Oh, I forgot, they don’t teach integration in 3rd grade, which is obviously the most recent grade you’ve completed.

I do want a Revolution. I’m going to buy one. So, I’m not ripping into it because I don’t want to buy one. I don’t have to think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread to purchase one.
Revolution isn’t the name of the system, it’s the codename. I could describe my system as a “Gamestation” because it is a station where I play games, but that’s obviously a rip off of “Playstation”, so this argument just like the rest of yours doesn’t make any sense.

I’m the hottest thing in the game industry right now. I’m just starting up the blog since industry wannabes like you want to hear what is going on inside. I’m not out to get traffic. I’m out to spread the truth of the industry to people who, like you, have no idea what’s going on.

3rd parties are “excited” about making games that use the controller because it makes a nice press release and makes them look good. Just because a press release says they are excited doesn’t mean they are going to make many games or even good games.

In a misquote from Dave Chappelle: “I’m the BIG G, bitch!” (instead of Rick James)

martlur: You are correct in agreeing with me about 3rd party support. Being creative and productive is difficult and risky from a business perspective, so don’t expect may third parties to take a gamble, especially after the disappointing sales of the GameCube.

I do agree with your statement that you are an idiot. It’s nice that you finally stumbled on some elements of truth in this blog post. I am an insider in that I develop games for a living. In fact, I’ve even developed games for your precious Nintendo GameCube. I may even develop some Revolution games! You probably love the games I work on, so you should watch your mouth! I won’t tell you the titles because I say a lot of controversial stuff about a lot of game companies and don’t want my candid opinions to adversely affect my career.

I’m not a Nintendo basher. I own an NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Player, and Nintendo GameCube. I have over 100 NES games. I like Nintendo. Not LOVING the Revolution hardly makes me a Nintendo Basher in my book.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You suck bigtime. This whole Revolution vs. Evolution idea while it may have been true back in the PS 1's day, Nintendo before that and I mean way before had the power glove. Now while that didn't work that well it was the start of something. What Sony and Microsoft copy this idea in some respect in the years to come.

12:59 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Anonymous #6: Mastery of English is a great skill to have. Once you have gained this mastery, you can put your incorrect thoughts into complete sentences with proper punctuation, and I can point out what is wrong with your silly ideas. But unfortunately, you write at the 2nd grade level, so I have difficulty understanding what you are trying to communicate. Please hold off on posting any more comments until you've learned the language. Thanks for trying to contribute though!

2:51 PM  
Anonymous BeEasy2Day said...

Hello again Big G!!
That's very amusing what you wrote!! You seem to have alot of insults for everybody!! That seems very nice! Just to let you know, I live in Kentucky, not Iowa! And yes I know where you're going, Kentucky is so called country! Trust me, I'm anything but country! But back to the point. I'm goint to start backwards from your response!
Now, you're not worried about the traffic, you're here to spread the truth! First of all, the truth would have facts in it! All you are going on is assumptions!! So truth, I think not! And how can you spread to people, when you get only 20 people a day! That's not spreading that much!
Next! Who said the Revolution is the best thing since sliced bread! I love food a little to much to say anything is better than slice bread!! It wouldn't fit me! Now, my post was nothing about the Revolution! It was about your so called "comparison" of these two controllers! You saw nowhere that I wrote "The Revolution is this.." or "The Revolution is better than.." because you can't! There is no type of information on that to talk about it! Unlike you, I talk on what is out, not what I think! So that's why I haven't even talked about the system itself!
Now look, how childish can you get!
"Also, I happen to know a lot more about math than you. Off hand, do you happen to know what the integral of e^(-x^2) dx from negative infinity to positive infinity is? Oh, I forgot, they don’t teach integration in 3rd grade, which is obviously the most recent grade you’ve completed."
Oh, big man! Of course you would know more math than me, you're a grown man(a pathetic one at that)so it would be only wise for you to know more than me! But trust me, I will know that type of math in due time! And to jump to the top of your response,
"A ton of people are judging the Revolution without using it. Why can’t I?"
Oh, that's a mature response! Now how old are you?? Because by the way you are sounding in this response, you sound like you're 8 or somthing!
Now back to the controller!! You say that they would not be able to map out the use of all those buttons on a traditional controller, to this controller, right?? Ok, just from me playing games and such, lets take a FPS for instance. What are the two analog sticks used for? Mainly one for moving forward and back, strafing left and right! Correct?? The other is used for looking/aiming up and down, turning/aiming left and right! This controller has this by the "nunchaku" style analog stick for moving/strafing, then the sensors for turning/aiming! Wow! That eliminates one analog stick while keeping the functionality of it!! OMG!!
Next is the face buttons and d-pad! Now keep in mind, we're dealing with one type of game right now, and that is what?? FPS, okay!! Lets continue!! With the d-pad and face buttons these might be a little tricky! d-pad is used for selecting different weapons, zooming in/out, performing a specific action in the game, so how can this controller compete with that, oh wait...they have one, and where...comfortably where any left/right handed person can reach while holding it for easy access!! And with the way they said you can zoom in/out button free, that frees up two spaces!! OMG again!!
So the face buttons...some use them for shooting, secondary weapons, perfoming specific actions, yada yada ya! If the under B button is used for shooting (just like a gun) and the A button is used for secondary weapons, and the rest are just same use as the d-pad functions, why need the rest of those buttons?? Unwanted space!!
Now I know what you're probably thinking!! What about the 4 shoulder buttons and click buttons?? Normally those are used for locking on, strafing(again), and various other things that can be incorparated within the "Z1" and "Z2" buttons! Why, because why would you need a lock-on button when you're holding a "gun" in your hand!! Woah!! Thats a couple of buttons deleted!!
And what is with you and this "only two buttons??" could you at least remember there's two other buttons!! So please tell me how they can not map all those buttons on this controller?? Only a bull ass developer wouldn't be able to do that(maybe you, is that why you're so angry at this controller??)
I mean what do I know though?? I'm just a freshman in college! Or better yet, someone who buys the games! One of many who decides what actually sells and what don't! Last time I checked, I was the consumer! And according to my Business classes, the consumer is what makes businesses work! Without them, there would be none!
So in the end, its what we like! And according to what I read (this is a FACT right here, you should use some!!) most of the potential consumers is impressed!! And yes, I have read plenty of blogs, forums, news presses, so on and so on!!
Now to sum up my conversation! I must agree with you on the 3rd party tidbit! I was a little too hasty in writing that down!! I should have thought before I wrote! Third party depends on 3rd parties!!That is true, I concede to that!
Now just on a friendly note! You claim you're not a Nintendo Basher, ok, I'll believe you! But yet, you have not wrote one good thing yet!! Because unlike what you wrote, I am not a Nintendo Fanboy!! I never once said I was so excited about Revolution that I could shit my pants and such! But why is that, because of the main reason why people can not really make a PASSING judgement on this system!! We have no real information!!(which is a smart move on Nintendo's behalf business wise)
I mean why put all your business out there on front street (like PS3 and Xbox 360)? You want to keep your competitors from knowing to much information! You dont see the United States flapping gums about all there war strategies!! Its not smart!! But you know what, I leave you with this! If you respond to this, actually respond with proof, not smart aleck comments and lil tidbits! Because that really did not justify what I had said in my first post! Good day!

12:16 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

BeEasy2Day: I don't have as many insults for other people as they have to me. You said I worked in the "bullshit industry", I was a "real senseless guy", called me a "moron", etc, etc. So, you started with the childish insults. If you wrote repsectful, well thought out posts, then you'd ge respectful well thought out responses.

At E3 this year, I used a gyroscopic controller similar to the Revolution. It was in a shape of a gun and was one of the worst gaming experiences ever. It was beta hardware, and I can't remember the name of the product, so I can't give you a link or anything like that. Sorry. But, the problem is with a first person shooter, you want to turn all the way around. How do you turn all the way around with the Revolution controller? So, what this other company did, is you held a button to essentially pick up the mouse in an FPS. It was horrible and worked poorly. If they are using it like a Super Scope 6 for a first person shooter, where you can move your character around, but you can't move with the controller, it'll work okay, but that's a lot more limiting than a real FPS.

The two button number is because if you hold it like an NES pad, you don't have access to all the triggers and other buttons.

Yes I haven't wrote anything good yet. Everyone else is writing good stuff, so I'm filling in the void of constructive criticism.

I didn't really understand you're last paragraph... Maybe you haven't taken English 101 at college yet.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Martlur said...

You call yourself: "industry’s HOTTEST rising young talents", and even consider yourself a Renaissance man. That is absurd and arrogant on your part. And frankly, you I believe you are nothing more than a wannabe. You probably are just a kid learning programming languages that the chance to occasionaly visit a videogame convention. Probably a person that craves to make videogames, rather than spending countless hours fidgetting infront of a TV playing them. Because in all honesty, the entries on your blog possess no degree of insight nor factual evidence supporting your claim of you being an insider. At best, you just follow a tabloidesque fashion of writing by jotting down completely ridiculous conjectures. This makes me wonder if any of the 100 and so people that have visited your blog really take what you say seriously or just come here for a good laugh. In conclusion in this matter, for sure... YOU PROBABLY AREN'T PART OF THE INDUSTRY. Or else, you'd be able to offer something of higher quality contents on your blog, rather than the nonsense you keep on writing.

You say you are not a Nintendo basher, yet everything you've written has been with the intention to discredit Nintendo of being capable of being functional with new technologies they present into the market. You've done nothing more than doing extremely funny comparisons, completely goverend by opinion and in just a matter of 5 steps/paragraphs assume that you've successfuly proven the Revolution controller to be nothing more than trash. How strange it is that the majority of the people who are in the industry (editorials and such, and people who have actually used the controller) easily refute everything you've stated in this your entry.

By the way, I may as well be an idiot for participating in your "little" blog, but by all means you've proven that you are part of the higher echelons of this Idiocracy. Just be a wise and sensible man, and keep your fingers away from the keyboard before writing anything, that's supposed to be taken seriously, about the Revolution until you've actually played with the damned thing.

Also, keep on divulging that you are an Insider whilst all the while hiding under the shield of anonymity in a pitiful attempt to garner some feeling of veracity to whatever nonsense you are about to type. Grow some dignity and do deliver the truth for once.

3:55 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Martlur: You don’t have to believe I’m part of the industry. I really don’t care what you think. The fact is that I am. What you believe can’t change that. I get paid to make games whereas you pay to play them. I think I have the better end of the deal there.

You wrote a lot stuff that is too boring to respond to, but let’s look at this comment: “yet everything you've written has been with the intention to discredit Nintendo of being capable of being functional with new technologies they present into the market”. Clearly, you haven’t read my blog very carefully. Out of the 24 posts I’ve made, only 3 have been about the Nintendo Revolution. So, clearly I have a lot more to say than just about Revolution. I suggest you read more on my blog to get some more insight into how the game industry really works.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After consideration, I've decided to request of you to delete the multiple comments I've posted on your blog. After all, it's your blog and you're free to post whatever nonsense you want. So go ahead, delete my entries and I'm signing off out of this place. Cheers.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Martlur said...

The above was written by Martlur, btw...

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Just a random Guy said...

That thing you used at E3, to my understanding, was the Sony Magic Wand (codename) in production (ps3/ps2 peripheral). so, I guess that would explain a lot of horrible responsiveness and so on, them having just started it within the past year or so.

Why do you judge something you have not used yet? Nintendo has a record for having successful innovations (it is new in the way it works, the Evolution just pisses me off, but that's another story), such as the rumble feature, analog sticks, and so on, so why do you assume that their newest, and quite brilliant (it is like a much more nimble keyboard and mouse combo) controller will be worse than what was a horrible peripheral for an old system? Just wondering.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous BeEasy2Day said...

Hey!! Me again!!
You know what, I'm actually going to come to you nicely this time. I agree with you, I shouldn't have started off bad mouthing you. That was very disrespectful. I apologize! But now, first I want to comment on the comment made about you getting paid to make games and us paying to play. You said you have the better end. Not actually. Like I stated before I'm a business major, but I've been dabbling with business for awhile now. We actually have the better end, but not by that much, because your job depends on us. In a way, we fund you and write your checks. All it takes is for us not to like your games, and you get a major deduction in payroll. But that's beside the point.
This statement should put an end to all this squabbling! And you should be able to agree with me, or else this proves all you're trying to do is bash Nintendo, or cause some type of raucus! Now how about we all just agree to leave the comments and such alone! I mean, no one on this blog has actually used the controller have they?? No one has actually played the Revolution have they?? That's no and no! We do not know anything about this system for real, we only have what many people have said about the controller(which is still in it's testing phase), I mean this is pointless arguing because nobody except Nintendo themselves know what their system is like! No one but Nintendo knows what their final controller will be like! So why are we arguing over speculations and rumors!?
I saw you wrote that you had used a periphial "similar" to the Revolution controller! The only thing about that is, it's not the Revolution controller! Whether similar or not, it's not that controller! So you really cant base your opinion off of that!
The reason for me trying to settle this until further information is present, is because I'm tired of hearing about people saying "Nintendo is going to be bankrupt if they don't succeed," or "Nintendo is going to put Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. on Sony and Microsoft if they fail this just like Sega!" These are nothing but false statements!!
Here are a couple of facts I have found on Nintendo that prove nay-sayers wrong!
Rumor: Some say that Nintendo lost a whole lot of money on the Gamecube and such!
Fact: This is only said because Gamecube didn't do as good as the N64! In reality, Nintendo gained money for each Cube sold!! And to go to the opposition; Sony Computer Entertainment lost money for every PS2, which hurt Sony overall; and Xbox, well, everybody knows about Xbox and their loss! If Bill Gates weren't rich, he'd be bankrupt!!

Rumor: If Nintendo doesn't do good with the Revolution then they will have to file bankruptcy and go into 3rd party business!
Fact: First, if Nintendo was so called bankrupt, or even on the verge of bankruptcy, how would they be able to build another system, along with a new model of Game Boy, and a new handheld?? Money wise, it doesnt make sense!! Now with the 3rd party comment, it has already been said, if Nintendo does ever go out of business, they are "OUT" of the business! Meaning no Mario and such on Xbox and PS!

Rumor: The PSP is currently dominating the DS and all other handhelds!
Fact: The DS is dominating the PSP! First, the Game Boy has such a big fan base, it can not be diminished, if it ever could be, in just a couple of months!! That's crazy talk! Now the DS is leading between it and the PSP with 6 million units sold as of September 2005! So once again, rumors to bring down Nintendo!

So in the end all this is basically stating is many a people have doubted Nintendo and they've always came through better than the other two!! But you know what, lets cave in to the other people's opinion. Let's say the Revolution is a big flop what will happen to Nintendo? Basically nothing! They have enough money to back them incase this fails!! Nintendo has been in the business since 1889 starting with Hanafuda cards! So I know they have business know how!! Everybody is looking at this from a gamers point of view! You forget, this is still a business! And no dumb business would have lasted this long!! So how about everybody stop spreading rumors and just wait until the system either comes out or more specs are revealed.

11:30 AM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Random guy: It was NOT the Sony Magic Wand peripheral. It was a 3rd party think in Kentia Hall that was shaped like a gun. I tried to play Halo 2 with it. The reason I say “tried” is because it was impossible to play. It’s difficult because you have to remember to hold a button equivalent to “picking up the mouse” to keep turning... If Nintendo basically wants to turn an FPS into a light gun game where you can move around, then the controller will work for this new breed of FPSes. But if it’s similar to what this other company did, then I feel sorry for anyone who attempts to play the game...

Beeasy2day: Apology accepted. The people in the business are in business for a reason: to make money. Their job is to make money, and they are necessary because otherwise all but a few game companies would go out of business. The people on the business side don’t cancel games because they are bad - they cancel them because they won’t make a profit. So, I disagree with the statement about business people “not liking the game” affecting my paycheck. A lot of people on the business side aren’t real gamers.

Everyone else gets to speculate on how great the Revolution controller is. Why can’t I speculate on its shortcomings? I never said anything about the business side of Nintendo. I’m not interested in the business side of game development. Whether the Revolution is a huge flop or a huge hit, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m going to buy one just the same.

As far as Xbox and Bill Gates, Bill Gates has gained his huge amount of money for a reason - he’s a great businessman. (I had the good fortune to meet him personally, and I was very impressed with how smart he is.) If he weren’t rich, he wouldn’t be bankrupt because he wouldn’t have invested in the Xbox. The first Xbox was not to make money. It was just to convince the public that Microsoft is serious about the gaming console. And in that sense, it was a success.

As far as Sony, regardless of the loss of money on each PS2 sold, they make more money than Nintendo off of Playstation 1 because they make it back and then some on every PS2 game sold, which is a whole lot more than GameCube games or Xbox games sold.

Nintendo has NOT come through better than the other two. Nintendo didn’t make as much money as Sony in the past two generations. Nintendo invested in the Virtual Boy, which was a flop. Just because a business lasts, doesn’t say anything about the quality of the products. It just means that they can either market crap to the general population or can take advantage of enough ignorant consumers.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a idiot

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a stupid fucking tool. oh yeah, i don't captialize after a period when i'm addressing idiots. is this retarded contraption that you so feverishly promote even real. i don't think it is. oh yeah, if you haven't noticed, i don't captialize pretty much anything. however, from now on, when i address you as Idiot, i think i will captialize it. the new controller from nintendo is not a gyroscope Idiot. it doesn't have balls inside of it spinning on x&y axis's Idiot. correct me if i'm wrong, but that is my common concept of a gyroscope. i like this idea that has been presented. however, i do not know how well it will work out, or presume that it is the 'savior' of the gaming industry. however, i do feel it is an innovative idea, and it simply has my thrilled. i was going to buy the revolution before i found out about it, but now i am even more excited and anticipation is building. so, i'll take my biaseness now and wait to be let down when it is released, which hopefully will not happen(the let down part that is Idiot).
oh, by the way, i think your stupid glove thingy is just a powerglove concept Idiot. yeh, you remember ther powerglove from nintendo, right , Idiot.

goodbye Idiot.

3:30 AM  
Anonymous mistrbily said...

You are a retard. First, you made many opinions up just to dis Nintendo. First, does apperance really matter, though the evolution looks like crap. Second, more buttons is not always better. Third, Don't judge the preformance of the controller before you try it. Same goes for the number of games. The truth is the evolution controller is way to old to compare to the revolution controller. Fore some final notes, what kind of screen name is THE BIG G and only tards speak in the third person about themselves in blogs. Get a life BIG G.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Parry was Right. You are quite Bias. I wish I could Give you.. Wait I may not belong to this site But I'll leave you my name for 1up. If you haven't been listening to Nintendo already you should know it will not be that hard for developers to Port to the Revolution.

6:58 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

Apparently, you haven't passed 2nd grade yet, so you haven't learned about appropriate punctuation, grammar, spelling and capitalization.

Here are some problems:
"Parry was Right." Right should not be capitalized.
"You are quite Bias." Bias shouldn't be capitalized and it should be "biased".
"I wish I could Give you.." This is an incomplete sentence as well as "Give" should not be capitalized.
"Wait I may not belong to this site But I'll leave you my name for 1up." Wait should be "Wait!" You need a comma before "But" since it is a coordinating conjunction. The B in but shouldn't be capitalized. You didn't in fact leave me your name for 1 up.
"If you haven't been listening to Nintendo already you should know it will not be that hard for developers to Port to the Revolution." That should be if you HAVE been listening to Nintendo, and you need a comma after already. The P in port shouldn't be capitalized.

Blogger should have a basic writing aptitude test in order to post messages because I can't stand reading your 2nd grade drivel.

BTW, Nintendo can say whatever they want. That doesn't make it any easier to port to the system. With the hardware specs that Revolution has, it should be difficult to port to regardless of whatever the company says.

-The BIG G

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a waste of time.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on this sounds just like the bs between xbox and PS2, when xbox came out.Everyone said xbox couldn't control its graphics upon specs. But now I have yet to here some one roll the 50,000+ blocks in xbox(I have alot of blocks used).Besides if ur worried so much tell Sony they need to take 2 steps back and see what they missed, cause Nintindo thinks Sony missed something. P. S. It took a lot for Bill Gates to admit that Nintindo maybe on to something,but PS3 wasn,t on CNN. P.S.S. I ain't to happy with xbox 360, or PS3 that cost $599.99. Won't buy their crap till they pull their heads out of their butts!

10:52 PM  

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