Sunday, September 18, 2005

The BIG G sez console gaming is dead. Long live PC gaming!

Many people are complaining that the next gen hardware is too expensive. $399 for the Xbox 360?!?!? Sony has said that PS3 is going to be expensive, so it’ll be at LEAST $399! The BIG G sees the cause for concern, and the only solution is to turn back to PC gaming. Just think, you can get next gen graphics if you spend $500 x 2 for dual Nvidia 7800 graphics cards (using SLI to run both), $1000 on a Pentium 4 3.46 GHz Extreme Edition, and then $400 on 4 gig of RAM. The best part is, once you drop probably about $3000 on your super PC, none of the current games will really take full advantage of your monster hardware. By the time games are made that actually can squeeze the full power out of your hardware, they’ve come out with Pixel Shader 5.0, 64x Anisotropic Filtering and 256 bit floating point color values (double precision for each color channel), so you’ll just have to replace your hardware again. For the consumer that can’t afford $399, there’s always PC gaming to turn to.


Blogger Teeth said...

PC gaming rules the planet right now. That's why the latest PC games (and there are lots of them - almost too many to count) all look way better than any of these ropey-looking next-gen console things. Why, just the other day I saw a screenshot of an Xbox 360 title and it was all blurred! If they can't even focus the camera right how can we expect to enjoy next-gen graphics at all? When I play games on my PC, all the edges are knife-edge sharp. You can see the pixels, they're so sharp. I'll post my rig so we can all compare how hard we rule tthat we have such awesome PCs. Anyway, my doctor says I should walk around as sitting for 10 hours a day gaming at my PC is apparently not so great for my back, so I have to go now, but I'll say this: sharp graphics on an LCD monitor at a distance of one foot from my bewildered face is the reason the PC games market is bigger than all the other console markets put together.

AMD Athlon XP 64 2000
512 MB PC233 RAM
Creative Soundblaster Live! On-board Audio
DVD ROM drive (4x)
No floppy drive yet but I am getting one
USB 2.0
Web cam ^^

12:19 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

See, that's a good computer you have, but it can't complete with the Xbox360's specs. If you spend way more than the Xbox's $400, you can upgrade to outperform it, but it'll be a while before most PC games really catch up with the quality, since they usually target a lower common denominator...

4:44 PM  

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