Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Game Boy Micro vs. Retieval Mankind’s Batman

Recently, I went on a trip to Taiwan. Always on the look out for new trends in gaming, I discovered the game system that was the latest rage in Taipei. It’s called “Retieval Mankind’s Batman”. Since my Nintendo comparisons are the most popular (judging by the number of people who post comments), The BIG G is undertaking another. The BIG G Presents: Game Boy Micro vs. Retieval Mankind’s Batman (A The BIG G Production)

The Game Boy Micro costs a ridiculous sum of $99.99. Retieval Mankind’s Batman costs an even more ridiculous $199. The only saving grace for Retieval Mankind’s Batman is that those are New Taiwan Dollars, not US Dollars, so that amounts to less than $6 US. Winner: Definitely Retieval Mankind’s Batman.

Game Boy Micro has two face buttons and two annoying to press shoulder buttons. Retieval Mankind’s Batman has four face buttons, which I like a lot better than those stupid shoulders... The thing that really sets Retieval Mankind’s Batman apart is that it comes with two additional controllers that can be used for multiplayer. I’m not entirely sure the controllers actually work, namely because I couldn’t really figure out how to play any of the games, but they look so darn cute!!! Retieval Mankind’s Batman is victorious yet again!

I don’t think Retieval Mankind’s Batman is available in the US, but it’s so good, it’s worth the trip to Taiwan. That being said, Game Boy Micro is a winner here because it saves you the trip.

Game Boy Micro has detachable faceplates. Those are only useful for a cosmetic change. The back lists 3 wild and crazy configurations that you can set Retieval Mankind’s Batman in: 1) Single man and Sample battle with handhold style 2) Single man and Sample battle with table style/Double men and double battles with handhold style 3) Double men and double battles with table style. Retieval Mankind’s Batman is a clear winner here.

Game Boy Micro not only plays all the Game Boy Advance games, but it also plays every other Game Boy game. I’m sure that’s thousands of games. Retieval Mankind’s Batman COMES with an INCLUDED 4 games. Even though on the actual hardware it claims to be the “Batman Trilogy”, it includes 4 games, none of which feature Batman. But, it’s not the quantity of games that matter, it’s quality. Frankly, I don’t think any of the Game Boy’s current offerings can compare to “Hero in the World”, “Strong Whale on the Sea”, “Dragonfly Battle Team” and “Football Ground of Legend”. Those are some great titles for some high quality games. On the back, it lists four other titles. It is unknown to me whether these are the games I was supposed to get with the system, or if these are other must have titles from the vast library of Retieval Mankind’s Batman games. The gems listed on the back are: “Kinght-Erranf Walk” (I’m not sure what a Kinght is or what Erranf means, but the games sounds awesome just the same), “Hero of Ball land”, “Huge Warship Action”, and “King of Air”. Winner: It’s a hard choice, but I need my “Strong Whale on the Sea” fix, and Retieval Mankind’s Batman is the only console that I can turn to for that.

Nintendo has released another loser handheld because Retieval Mankind’s Batman beats it hands down. The only category that it lost to Game Boy is availability, but I’m sure the fine company that brought us the quality Retieval Mankind’s Batman game system will branch out to the US very soon.


Anonymous Jubal_Harshaw said...

Evidently, everyone agrees with you.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow ... that system looks awesome. Does anyone know any US importer?

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, I totally wanna be able to play games in chinese on that huge honking preschool console.

that thing looks like something you give a 6-year-old with a batman fetish, kinda like a more advanced batman lunchbox

no way in hell I'd be caught playing that thing.

But a GBM... that thing looks like it would fit on a keychain, yet it plays games. now THAT, it cool

10:22 PM  
Blogger flippyfeet said...

DUDE- here are the real games in this youtube video by dr.ashens!

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6e6r-NOq5U

8:40 PM  

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