Thursday, September 15, 2005


So, everyone knows that with the next gen we have hit the graphical peak. The processors are so powerful that we can reuse the extra computing horsepower for the second most important thing to gameplay: physics. Now we can start designing games that have the realistic immersion of real life. In Doom 3, you could shoot a box, and it would role realistically. That was really cool! It made the game way better. Crates are a staple in every game. Now we can have crates that can stack and fall! Think of the great gameplay scenarios that opens up. If you destroy a crate on the bottom, the others will fall down. Now they are a navigation hazard! Doesn’t that sound fun? We can start having real world physics for other things too. We can have realistic jumping physics so your character only moves like a foot in the air. (I don’t know about you, but when I jump, I don’t go flying up to twice my height) We can greatly enhance my favorite thing in games: falling damage. We can have the player hit the ground with a real impact, do a rigid body simulation on the leg bones, and fracture them if you fell from too far. Then for the rest of the game, we can use an IK solver to simulate how you’d walk when your legs are broken in the particular place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh. no.
physics is current gen. the havok engine and the megon engine both are pretty good simulators. havok has been around for more than two years, so i don't know why the idea of moveable crates that handle realistically or collapse from stacks is somehow new.
the next gen is going to be in the engine construction itself. i'm hanging out for better lighting variation (development of the HDR technology that the Source engine is implementing soon) and per-pixel occlusion (seriously, vis leafs are stone age and they're holding back mapping capabilities)

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Anonymous Jubal_Harshaw said...

Wasn't there a fighting game some years ago that simulated body damage? As in, arms were broken, faces smashed and so on. I think it was on the PS1.

Anyway, I think this would be great. Imagine playing Splinter Cell, breaking your character's leg and then having to play the rest of the game hopping around with your broken leg flailing out randomly every now and then. It would make the stealth aspect so much more challenging! You could even have to prevent your character from screaming out in pain by constantly singing a happy tune into the headset.

As for physics, has anyone noticed that it tends to be missing in RPGs? They prefer magic and alchemy, of course, but I do feel that these games would be improved if, instead of having to kill small creatures repeatedly to gain xp, you could pick them up and kick them.
I also want to see someone's head cave in realistically when I hit them with a gold bar. But I can see that in real life, so I'm not too bothered.

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Blogger The BIG G said...

anonymous: HDR technology is current gen. Plenty of games did that on PS2/Xbox/GC. Besides, graphics are already so good, why would you want anything better?
Jubal_harshaw: again, you are the only sane person posting to my blog. Your uses of physics show that you really understand the games industry

3:21 PM  
Anonymous The bigger G said...

Half-life 2's source engine blows Doom 3 out of the water, hands down. But then you wouldn't know about that, would you? No, a total fake wouldn't know that. A total fake would know what he's played and seen other people play, then mix it in with something favorable towards his favored console.

It's no coincidence that you praise Doom 3 and don't even mention Half-life 2 when Half-life 2 is clearly better because Doom 3 was available on Xbox at the time you posted this.

10:59 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

The Bigger G-
Maybe you should have your eyes checked. The article was not about comparing technologies between games. Doom 3 was mentioned in passing as an example... I've only played the PC Doom 3 and not the Xbox one, but that has nothing to do with the article... Clearly, you don't have enough sense to comprehend the themes of each article, so for that, I pity you.

-The BIG G

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