Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The next exclusive license purchases

EA bought the exclusive NFL football as a service to the gamers, so gamers wouldn’t get confused about which was the “good” football game when they went to the store. Well, I think more publishers should do this. Let’s take Marvel for example. EA has “Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects”, Vivendi Universal has “Hulk”, Activision has both “Spiderman” and “The X-Men”, THQ has “The Punisher” and Microsoft has the Marvel MMORPG. Which one should you buy? Someone should buy the exclusive license so you no longer have to choose. If someone is buying the license to all Marvel properties, someone should also buy the rights to all of a movie studio’s properties. Sony can already do it. Imagine if the “Spiderman 3” game only came out for Playstation 3, since Sony Pictures is making the movie. Any company could by rights to all of Paramount’s properties. Then they could have crossover battles between the Rugrats and Star Trek! That’s what I’m looking forward to play! While they are buying exclusive movie studio licenses, why not get the exclusive license to make games based on real life? I’m sure that if you pay someone enough money, they can work it out so you are the only publisher that can make games based of reality. Crap, while we’re at it, why doesn’t a game developer get the exclusive license to make games? Then they’ll be no confusion on which ones to buy! They’ll all be the high quality that consumers look for, since only one company will be doing them.


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