Thursday, September 08, 2005

Forget globalize! Solarize!

I’ve previously posted about outsourcing to the moon. Yeah, that’s thinking 5 years ahead when people find out that outsourcing to other countries doesn’t work. What do people do in ten years when they figure out moon outsourcing doesn’t work? THE SUN! Think about it. The sun is the greatest energy source of all time. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! The sun will be providing free fusion energy for longer than the human race will last. If you move your employees to the sun, it’ll radically cut down on operation costs since you’ll get free power. Game development places are always in sunny, nice weather places. Well, it doesn’t get any more sunny than on the SUN! Think about that. People complain that programmers never have a tan. That would soon change when they are relocated to the sun! They may get more than just a tan there, like horrible amounts of radiation, but it's worth it to look good, right?


Anonymous Jubal_Harshaw said...

"Game development places are always in sunny, nice weather places."

What about scotland?

5:21 AM  
Anonymous The bigger G said...

um... I think you have the concept of outsourcing completely wrong. Outsourcing is when you give an american job to someone who will take that job for much MUCH less pay because they're from a poorer country.

11:03 PM  

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