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Sony didn't rip off Nintendo. Nintendo ripped off Microsoft (among other companies)

I've played with the Wii. The pointing interface wasn't all that great, but the motion sensitivity was kind of cool. Sony also had a pretty cool motion sensitivity. I thought Warhawk felt more natural then some of the more gimmicky uses for Wii software. (Shake the controller to attack in Super Mario Galaxy) Where was Microsoft's motion sensitive controller? Let's travel back in time to the year 1999. Microsoft, always at the forefront of innovation, released a motion sensing controller called the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro long before the Wii was even dreamt up. Don't believe me? Here's a review. So, everyone is complaining, “Oooo. Sony TOTALLY ripped off Nintendo with the PS3 controller.” The truth is that Nintendo totally ripped off Microsoft's Sidewinder Freestyle Pro. Nintendo's David Yarton made the ridiculous claim, “any innovation that has come in gameplay has come from us... With Nintendo, I'm trying to think of anything we've copied... but I can't.” Maybe he's not thinking hard enough. Let's take a look, shall we?

The D-Pad
Maybe Yarton wasn't aware that this was first featured in Cosmic Hunter for the Microvision. Nintendo introduced it afterwards in their Game and Watch games, but since Microvision was similar, you can bet they played it.

The Gamepad
This was first featured for Vectrex. Vextrex had an analog stick instead of a d-pad, but Nintendo wasn't the first one to veer away from the Atari joystick style controllers.

The Light Gun
Although the Zapper was cool, light gun games date back to 1936 with the “Seeburg Ray-o-Lite”. In this game, you'd shoot ducks... Sound familiar?

The Analog Stick
The analog stick that was a much touted feature of the Nintendo 64 dates back to 1982 for both the Vectrex and the Atari 5200.

Rumble Pack
CH products made a force feedback joystick that came out before the N64's rumble pack. On top of that, Sony's Dual Shock was more innovative because it combined two different types of motors to create different rumbling sensations.

Touch Screen
Palm Pilots and Microsoft's Pocket PC featured touch sensitive games before the DS came out.

Motion Sensitivity
Microsoft released a motion sensitivity gamepad for PC back in 1999 called the Sidewinder Freestyle Pro.

So, in conclusion, Yarton can claim Sony copied Nintendo all he wants as long as he claims that Nintendo copied all their ideas also. It's easy to say you've never heard of any of these devices, but except possibly in the case of CH Product's force feedback joystick, I bet Nintendo was well aware of the ideas they were taking.


Anonymous jubal_harshaw said...

Well, it's abundantly clear what has happened here. Nintendo's amazing powers of innovation and invention have opened up a hole in the space-time continuinuinuinuinuum, resulting in these gadgets being thrown accross the timeline both backwards and forwards. I understand the Wii, for example, comes from four years in our past.

Really, Big G, if you'd have only given it a moment's thought with your gargantuan brain you would clearly have stumbled upon this groundbreaking truth.

7:39 PM  
Blogger The BIG G said...

But isn't going backwards and forwards in time ripped off from the movie Back to the Future? "I wanna go back in time!"

10:44 PM  
Anonymous jubal_harshaw said...

Well, it's evident that their trans-temporal hand stretches even to Hollywood. That's not surprising, given the terrible truth: Nintendo is responsible for all innovation, ever.

Vaccuum tubes, microchips, television, the theory of relativity, care bears, cocaine, the electric lightbulb, nazis, that weird wallpaper that looks like someone has painted over woodchips, the printing press, the chinese - all created by Nintendo sometime in the past or future.

We (and especially you) owe our lives and livelihoods to the Big N's benificence - do not cast aspersions on their innovative prowess lest they erase you from history altogether and, possibly, replace you with a Nintendo R.O.B.

You have been warned!

4:25 AM  
Anonymous PS360 4 Life said...

Ms always at the forefront of innovation?
I literally lol'd at that one.

But besides that dead on.
But you forgot some things like the (pronounced GameCom) was the first touchscreen gaming system, Atari did motion sensing in the 80's, The Sony is the one that brought the analog technology to the next gen, and the Nintendo likely stole the analog thumb stick from Sega based on Nintendo's past actions shown above.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a difeerence between invention! and innovation! firstly secondly every product you named that nintendo copied was wack so what nintendo did was take a good idea like the wheel and turn it in to a car and a DS is a brand new invention do ferrari rip of ford because they make better cars? no!

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:36 AM  
Blogger nathanael said...

Hey Billy Blogger I do think the Power Glove(1989)came out before 1999. That was motion control.

And as far as the rumble feature, its easy to make something that already exists better years later. But its harder to make it in the first place. In fact anything that comes out after SHOULD be better.

So are you honestly saying sony didn't rip off the wii-motes, because if thats true you've lost all credibility.

10:37 PM  

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