Friday, May 19, 2006

Playstation 3 Controller + Mouse – Buttons = Wii-mote

At E3 I got to play with my Wii, so for those of you who weren't as fortunate as I, I'll give you the lowdown. The Wii-mote's functionality can be summed up with the following equation: Playstation 3 Controller + Mouse – Buttons = Wii-mote. The tilt/motion sensing was pretty much identical to the Playstation 3. Nothing fancy there. The positional sensing features (that the Playstation 3 lacks) was like a really hard to use mouse. There was a cursor on screen, and very slight movements would move it around. It almost felt like games that map the small response area of an analog stick to the entire screen for a cursor (except it didn't center, and you could go off the edges). There are a lot less buttons on the Wii-mote than there are on the PS3 controller, so a game like Warhawk would have been difficult, plus if they had a game like that, you may have to hold the Wii-mote sideways (like you had to for several Wii games like ExciteTruck), which is a lot less comfortable than the PS3 controller or holding the Wii-mote the proper way. So, Wii (the royal Wii) are not impressed with the Wii. I enjoyed Warhawk with the PS3 controller more than any of the Wii games. Everyone can point fingers and say who ripped off who, but honestly what does it matter? It's all about the execution, and so far, I think the motion sensing was executed better with PS3.


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