Friday, February 17, 2006

Things are looking up... Sort of.

Someone let the UPS guy into my apartment complex, so he left DOA 4 at my door. Many people claim that Xbox 360 games don't look any better than Xbox games, so I decided to test the theory by putting DOA 4 in my Xbox. It didn't play. They do the same thing that Xbox games do if you stick them in something else – they play a short video saying that you need to put it in an Xbox. I almost shat my pants when I put an Xbox game in my PS2 by accident, and it instructed me to put it in my Xbox before realizing how easy that was to do (if it has a small partition that acts as a DVD video disc, PS2/Xbox will just play the video).

As far as Full Auto, I called up EB Games this morning to see if I could cancel my Full Auto preorder, but they said that they were giving out the faceplates first come first serve. I said I couldn't come in until after work, but the guy said he'd hold it for me... So, we'll see if that happens or not when I go in later today. Although, I suppose all of this is a moot point since I don't actually have a 360.


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