Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Katana: The Soul Controller vs. The Revolution Controller

Since I'm a peripheral whore, when I found out that they were releasing the Katana Soul Controller in the US (about a year after it came out in Japan), I just HAD to get it! And judging from the amount of feedback I've received, it seems that my Revolution controller comparisons are the most popular, so why don't I compare the two?

Katana: The Soul Controller, has everything a Dual Shock controller has (two joysticks, a d pad, and 12 buttons). The Revolution controller only has 6 buttons (A,B,X,Y, select and start) and one d-pad. I think it's clear that The Soul Controller is victorious!

Game Support
The Soul Controller works out of the box with EVERY PS2/PS1, and that includes its awesome gyroscopic controls. The Revolution controller can double as an NES controller, but it doesn't use the gyroscopic controls. It doesn't have enough buttons to work with any of the other platforms the virtual console is supposed to emulate, so you need an add on or separate controller. The Soul Controller wins since there is a ton more PS1/PS2 games than there will be for Revolution. (I'm discounting Virtual Console games that require add ons! The Soul Controller works out of the box!)

Both are wireless, so they are evenly matched here.

The Katana wins hands down. Not only does it come with a sheath, but it comes with a display stand. Now that IS a cool controller. I feel like a samurai just because I own it. The only thing that weakens the appearance is the blade is pretty darn fat, so it can't really mask for a real sword. (Also, this isn't necessarily related to appearance but when you draw the sword from its sheath, it makes a hollow “FOOP” noise, which isn't very samurai-esque...)

Katana: The Soul Controller is an awesome name. I don't care what they call the Revolution controller, it's not better than “Katana: The Soul Controller”. Katana wins!

The only motion sensing the Katana does is swinging the sword registers as square. This is not configurable. A vertical swing doesn't register as anything different. On top of that, the buttons are quite difficult to press. I'd like to give this to “The Soul Controller”, but I just can't in good conscience... It's functionally horrid. The buttons are difficult to press and it doesn't register every swing, thus making it the fourth worst controller I've ever used. (The worst was that gyroscopic gun that played Halo at E3 that I mentioned in a previous article, the second worst is the Atari 7800 controller because it hurts your hands after 2 minutes of gameplay, and the third worst is EyeToy specifically in the game Sega All Stars. I was so excited about playing another Nights game only to discover that it was unplayable... Also, I wasted like half an hour at a party trying to show off my EyeToy only to realize that the person's house was impossible to light in such a way that any of the games were playable...) Revolution wins!

Katana is the winner 4-1. Sorry Revolution! You lose again!


Anonymous jubal_harshaw said...

I think I just heard Parry Aldon's head explode.

Of course, defaulting the 'functionality' decision to the Revolution might be a bit of a mistake - the Soul Controller may be impractical, but the Revolution might be worse.

I'm disappointed in you, BIG G - this sudden leniency towards the Revolution may very well make you a laughing-stock amongst the great and the good of our industry if the Big N fucks up.

In fact, this evident bias towards the Revolution makes me want to throw up - your willingness to give the Revolution the benefit of the doubt on this issue makes me certain that you're nothing but a Nintendo fanboy who has no ability to write a non-biased opinion.
Face it, no one will take you seriously unless you stop being so biased!

"Disgusted" from Shrewsbury.

4:27 AM  
Anonymous jubal_harshaw said...

Jubal Harshaw's Poetry Corner

Illogical Rhyme Scheme While Waiting for Code to Compile.

It's sad to see,
How the BIG G,
Let his journalistic standards start to slip.

It pains me so,
More than you know,
To read sland'rous things that make me want to flip.

I'm incapable of lying,
Of that there is no doubt,
I'm honest and unbiased,
And probably devout,

I'm incapable of error,
I love to criticize,
At best, I'm obsessed with
The motes in others eyes.

I have to say,
That I must stay,
To show ev'ryone the error of your ways.

I know I'm right,
So I must fight,
To make you just like me, it's ever so easy, stubborn as a tree, it's better don't you see this foolishness is really just a phase?

5:44 AM  
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