Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Xbox 360 Woes

I'm the laughing stock of my company. Now, that's pretty typical for me, but this time, the reason is a bit different. It's because I preordered an Xbox 360. Why is that so humiliating? Here's the full story. My first encounter with the supposed pinnacle of gaming technology was at E3. I played Full Auto and loved it, so I made up my mind to get Xbox 360 along with Full Auto at launch. I was devastated when they pushed the Full Auto release date back, but I was excited about Kameo, so I was still planning on getting it at launch. I wanted to preorder the system at Best Buy, so I could get the reward points (and apparently, they were going to let reward members preorder it), but after jerking me around for a while, they finally said they weren't doing preorders. I headed to the nearest EB Games on October 20, 2005 (I know this because I still carry the faded receipt with me in my wallet on the off chance that I'll get an Xbox 360), and preordered one. They told me that I was on the second shipment, but I'd probably get in on the first since they had a lot of cancellations. I was satisfied. They assured me I'd get it before Christmas. I ordered Kameo and Project Gotham Racing 3 thinking my Xbox 360 would come shortly after launch if not at launch. I was dead wrong. I kept calling and calling EB Games. The story was that I'd get it before Christmas. I could wait. I had some good PS2 titles to keep me busy. When I called before I went on my Christmas vacation, they said I'd get it in January or maybe February. I was devastated, but at least I'd get it before Full Auto came out. I kept calling. They said they get 4 every two weeks, so I just had to play the waiting game. I called EB games last week, and they said I was 4th on the list, and that I'd get it either last week or no later than today. I ordered Dead or Alive 4 from EB Games online, so I could get the free calendar thinking that I'd have a system to play it on by the time it arrived. I called again on Friday of last week. No 360 yet. I went in on Saturday to preorder Full Auto to ensure that I got the faceplate. They said to call back on Monday because they would get a list of what is in their weekly shipment. I did. No Xbox 360 this week. I'm going to pick up my copy of Full Auto later today (with faceplate), but I have no system to play it on. My Dead or Alive 4 will arrive tomorrow. But, I still don't have an Xbox 360. So, MAYBE next week I'll get my Xbox 360. But, maybe I'll never get it. Hard to say. Peter Moore said that anyone should be able to walk in a store and get an Xbox 360 in four to six weeks. Although that may be hard to believe, I don't want it to be true if I actually get my Xbox 360. Once I get mine, I want everyone else to suffer the gamut of negative emotions I've endured for these four long months: anxious waiting, longing, and kicking his/herself for not camping out at Best Buy. If I don't get mine soon, they better start having them in other stores. It occurred to me that maybe I got bumped way down because I didn't preorder enough accessories from that EB Games. Or maybe the employees are buying them and selling them on ebay. *Sigh*


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