Thursday, February 16, 2006

I'm being punished, but I don't know why

So, I called EB Games before going there to pick up my Full Auto preorder. They said they had it in, but I wanted to make sure I got the faceplate, so I asked about that. They said I preordered it after the cutoff date (February 1st), so I wouldn't get one. I explained to them that I wouldn't have preordered it there had I known that I wouldn't get the faceplate. They said they didn't know that either, and they'd try and see if they could order more faceplates blah blah blah. Yeah right. There's no way they'll get me a faceplate. So, now I have to try and return my preorder (which I foolishly paid for the entire thing up front) and order from, which appears to have a plentiful supply of faceplates.
To make matters worse, my Dead or Alive 4 is supposed to be delivered today (from UPS always delivers packages at around 2 pm to my apartment. I'm at work at 2pm, so I try and ambush the UPS guy before I leave for work, since he's on the same street that I live on (just the other side). I tracked him down this morning and noticed it was a different driver than usual. The usual driver is really cool. He's usually really nice and gives me the packages in the morning when I track him down. I asked this guy if I could have my package. He said no. Apparently, he had to deliver a bunch of stuff before 10:30 that was like overnight express or something like that, and he couldn't be bothered to spend 30 seconds handing me my package... I wanted to complain and say that it probably took as long to explain to me why he couldn't do it as actually doing it, but instead, I just walked off dejectedly.
So, what does this mean? It it some sign to indicate that I will never enjoy next generation gaming bliss? Do I not meet the minimum requirements to enter the HD Era? Am I not part of the Remix Generation that J Allard spoke of? Or should I stop patronizing EB Games? (Both games and the system were ordered from them) I don't know, but I'm very tempted to cancel all my preorders, give up gaming and game development forever and become a Buddist Monk in the Himalayas.


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