Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First 50 Cent Tries to Sell Drugs to Kids, then Horribly Violent Video Games

In an interview with 1up, the producer of 50 Cent's game says the following about 50 Cent's new game: “you can grab an enemy and steal all of his valuables, leaving both his ego shattered and his pockets empty. Then, you can beat him over the head with your sawed off shotgun until he tells you everything he knows, freeing him of any remaining dignity. Lastly, you can choose to boot him away, giving him false hope of survival as you proceed to blast a hole in his back, which also sends him flying into the path of an oncoming train.” Now, according to Reuters, 50 Cent thinks "parents should buy their children his new video game, rated 'mature' for blood, gore and sexual themes, and use it as a teaching tool."

If there's anyone parents should trust on the effects of violence in video games on children, it's an ex-drug dealer who's been shot several times over drug feuds. According to Wikipedia, 50 Cent insinuates that he either killed or had killed Darryl "Hamo" Baum in revenge for getting shot, so he also is probably a murderer.Despite the fact that he makes money off of every person he convinces to buy his game, I'm sure he's speaking out in favor of his game because it is a learning tool that teaches children the fun, glamor and excitement of being a drug dealer. 50 Cent, you are a real saint, and I salute you for your never-ending quest to educate children.


Anonymous SoulBrotherRool said...

Hey man, check these out:


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty obvious that this is some sort of GTA ripoff. When he said it should be bought as a teaching tool, he was probably being sarcastic, but was reported as being serious, which happens a lot in the media. Then again, I don't even really know who 50 cent is, so he might really be that messed up.

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